July 20, 2008

due to global warming their is the existance of the  polar bear. Steger is a legendary polar explorer, the first person to make a dogsled trip to the North Pole, and winner of the National Geographic Adventure Lifetime Achievement Award. He’s at home in those frozen, hostile parts of the world that few of us will ever tread. But he’s also a dedicated environmentalist who was early to ring the alarm bell on global warming, the effects of which he saw firsthand in his frequent polar expeditions, both in the Arctic and Antarctica. To help raise awareness of the damage climate change is wreaking on the polar regions, next month Steger will be leading a team of six young adventurers on a 1,400-mile, 60-day-long dogsled expedition across Ellesmere Island, in the far Canadian Arctic. The rest of us will be able to observe Steger’s journey — intended to appeal to what he calls “emerging young leaders” below the age of 3 still trim as a Navy ship at 64. “We provide the spark with this expedition.

Steger’s expedition will benefit from some celebrity association, with Sam Branson — the 22-year-old son of British airline tycoon Richard Branson — part of the team. Also on the expedition will be 27-year-old Norwegian Sigrid Ekran, who last year became only the second woman to win Rookie of the Year for the Iditarod — not a small deal in the world of dog sledding. The team will be uploading video, text and photos to the website as the journey progresses, allowing classrooms — Steger’s foundation is working with the National Education Association on the project — to follow their progress firsthand. “We can actually bring the audience up there.


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