They are all on the list of the top 10 fastest-rising queries on Google during 2008.

The search engine has published its year-end Zeitgeist, the tool which reveals what internet users are searching for.

The most searched term for Google users in the UK was Facebook while the BBC came second and its iPlayer service was the fastest rising query.

The list also reveals what global preoccupations are and this year the US election candidates and the Beijing Olympics figure high.

The things people around the globe have in common are a strong interest in socialising and politics, according to Marissa Mayer, vice-president of search at Google.

“Social networks comprised four out of the top 10 global fastest-rising queries while the US election held everyone’s interest around the globe,” she wrote on Google’s official blog.

Popular politicians

The economic crisis has made an impact on UK searchers with “money saving expert” and “hot uk deals” making the top 10 finance-related searches.

Gordon Brown will be pleased to hear that he beat David Cameron into second place on the list of most popular politicians among UK searchers.


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Jeff champ again

January 26, 2009

After years of chasing the gold that had eluded him his entire career, Jeff Hardy  defied the odds at Armageddon, winning the Triple Threat Match against Edge and Triple H to become the new WWE Champion – his first World Title.

In a hard-fought battle full of power from The Game, grit from the former champion Edge, and high-flying, fast-paced action from Hardy, it was the involvement of one of Hardy’s rivals, Vladimir Kozlov, and his own brother, Matt Hardy, that inadvertently helped him capture the title. When Kozlov interfered and pulled Triple H out of the ring, all hell broke loose, and in the end, after Matt rid the ringside area of Kozlov, The Game nailed Edge with a Pedigree – virtually sealing another golden win for himself. But Jeff ascended the top rope and delivered a career-changing Swanton Bomb to earn the victory and the gold.

While Jeff had heard over the past few months from the likes of   SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero, Triple H and even Edge that he could never win the big one, Hardy proved all the doubters wrong in front of the raucous WWE Universe in Buffalo – all who stood and cheered in approval of Jeff’s historic win.

Jeff and his brother,ECW  Champion Matt Hardy, have made history, as both are World Champions at the same time, cementing their legacies during their tenures in WWE, and putting an exclamation point on their seven World Tag Team Title reigns.jeff

Wildly silly but entirely watchable, the film is best enjoyed when you aren’t taking it too seriously, merely submitting yourself to its roller-coaster ride of exhilarating romance and heightened drama. It is after all a film with a big beating heart, a film that feels such affection for its characters.

Indeed Slumdog Millionaire is that rare foreign film that uses the Bollywood idiom to tell a simple, even clichéd underdog story with remarkable success.

18-year-old Jamal Malik (played by Dev Patel) is an orphan who has spent his life scavenging on the streets, until he lands a spot as a contestant on Kaun Banega Crorepati, where he makes a killing. The host of the show (played by a bullying, bellowing Anil Kapoor) mocks Jamal for his low-class roots, and has him arrested on suspicion of cheating – after all, how could an ordinary chai-wala know the answers to all these tough questions?

Sitting there tied up and being thrashed around by the cops, Jamal reveals how each question corresponds to a specific life lesson from his tragic past. His is a horrific tale of watching his mother being killed in front of his eyes, narrowly escaping mutilation himself, and losing his childhood friend to a prostitution ring.

In all fairness, there are few surprises in this movie – you can predict in the first ten minutes itself more or less how the entire movie will play out. What is surprising, however, is the unashamed, unabashed energy that the director devotes to his pursuit of the obvious. Into this convenient story bursting with coincidences and creative liberties — where slumkids speak in accented English and Kaun Banega Crorepati is a live television show – Danny Boyle injects his uniquely vibrant, kinetic shooting style, and delivers a visual riot of a movie.

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Slumdog Millonaire Review

January 22, 2009

Hope within squalor, humour within violence – they’re all thematic trademarks of the British director of druggie drama ‘Trainspotting’ and zombie saga ’28 Days Later’. This time, Boyle takes his wildly high-energy visual aesthetic and applies it to a story that, at its core, is rather sweet and traditionally crowd-pleasing.
Unassuming Dev Patel stars as slumdog underdog Jamal, an 18-year-old who comes from nothing but is on the verge of winning more money than anyone has ever won before on the Indian version of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’. The game show’s host (ideally smarmy and egotistical Anil Kapoor) grows unshakably suspicious as Jamal prepares to face one last question for the top prize of 20 million rupees and has him hauled in for police questioning (by ever-imposing Irrfan Khan).
Simon Beaufoy’s complex script, based loosely on Vikas Swarup’s novel ‘Q&A’, glides effortlessly among Jamal’s interrogation, his unlikely success in the television hot seat and his rough-and-tumble upbringing that provided the life lessons serving him so well now.

Best Rental Car

January 21, 2009

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