ENDHIRAN Release Date

February 28, 2009


This is the new look of our Super star Rajini. This look is for the movie ENDHIRAN and which is likely to be Release on 2010. But there are some Rumours that the film is going to release on 2011. At first there are some problems Because of the Original Producer of the film Aayangran has  backed out of the project citing recession and the high costs involved.

Now this project has been Change hands to SUN PICTURES who Backs the film and going to make this as a highest buget film in India.


Best Acne Treatment..

February 27, 2009

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Shedule of IPL Match..

February 26, 2009

IPL Match Schedule

  • IPL 2009 Starts from 10th April
Date Match Venue Time (IST)
April 10 Rajasthan vs Delhi Jaipur 8pm
April 11 Kolkata vs Hyderabad Kolkata 4pm
April 11 Chennai vs Bangalore Chennai 8pm
April 12 Delhi vs Punjab Delhi 4pm
April 12 Mumbai vs Rajasthan Mumbai 8pm
April 13 Hyderabadvs Chennai Hyderabad 8pm
April 14 Bangalore vs Kolkata Bangalore 8pm
April 15 Punjab vs Mumbai Mohali 8pm
April 16 Hyderabadvs Delhi Hyderabad 4pm
April 16 Chennai vs Rajasthan Chennai 8pm
April 17 Mumbai vs Bangalore Mumbai 8pm
April 18 Punjab vs Hyderabad Mohali 4pm
April 18 Kolkata vs Delhi Kolkata 8pm
April 19 Bangalore vs Rajasthan Bangalore 4pm
April 19 Mumbai vs Chennai Mumbai 8pm
April 20 Kolkata vs Punjab Kolkata 8pm
April 21 Delhi vs Mumbai Delhi 8pm
April 22 Rajasthan vs Hyderabad Jaipur 8pm
April 23 Bangalore vs Bangalore 8pm
April 24 Mumbai vs Kolkata Mumbai 8pm
April 25 Chennai vs Punjab Chennai 4pm
April 25 Delhi vs Bangalore Delhi 8pm
April 26 Hyderabadvs Mumbai Vizag 4pm
April 26 Rajasthan vs Kolkata Jaipur 8pm
April 27 Punjab vs Bangalore Jaipur 8pm
April 28 Mumbai vs Delhi Mumbai 8pm
April 29 Chennai vs Kolkata Chennai 4pm
April 29 Punjab vs Rajasthan Mohali 8pm
April 30 Hyderabadvs Bangalore Vizag 8pm
May 1 Chennai vs Delhi Chennai 8pm
May 2 Mumbai vs Hyderabad Mumbai 4pm
May 2 Kolkata vs Rajasthan Kolkata 8pm
May 3 Bangalore vs Delhi Bangalore 4pm
May 3 Punjab vs Chennai Mohali 8pm
May 4 Hyderabadvs Rajasthan Hyderabad 8pm
May 5 Delhi vs Chennai Delhi 8pm
May 6 Kolkata vs Mumbai Kolkata 4pm
May 6 Rajasthan vs Punjab Jaipur 8pm
May 7 Bangalore vs Hyderabad Bangalore 8pm
May 8 Kolkata vs Chennai Kolkata 8pm
May 9 Punjab vs Delhi Mohali 4pm
May 9 Rajasthan vs Mumbai Jaipur 8pm
May 10 Hyderabadvs Kolkata Hyderabad 8pm
May 11 Delhi vs Rajasthan Delhi 8pm
May 12 Mumbai vs Punjab Mumbai 4pm
May 12 Chennai vs Hyderabad Chennai 8pm
May 13 Kolkata vs Bangalore Kolkata 8pm
May 14 Rajasthan vs Chennai Jaipur 4pm
May 14 Delhi vs Hyderabad Delhi 8pm
May 15 Bangalore vs Mumbai Bangalore 8pm
May 16 Delhi vs Kolkata Delhi 4pm
May 16 Hyderabadvs Punjab Hyderabad 8pm
May 17 Rajasthan vs Bangalore Jaipur 4pm
May 17 Chennai vs Mumbai Chennai 8pm
May 18 Punjab vs Kolkata Mohali 8pm
May 19 Bangalore vs Chennai Bangalore 8pm
May 21 Semi-Final 1 Chennai 8pm
May 22 Semi-Final 2 Chennai 8pm
May 24 FINAL Mumbai 8pm

Best Face Wash To Cure Acne

February 25, 2009

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Twenty-20 Feb 25th, 2009 (Wednesday) New Zealand vs India, 1st Twenty20 International AMI Stadium, Christchurch 12.30 pm (IST)

Feb 27th, 2009 (Friday) New Zealand vs India, 2nd Twenty20 International Westpac Stadium, Wellington 12.30 pm (IST)


ODI Mar 3rd, 2009 (Tuesday) New Zealand vs India, 1st ODI McLean Park, Napier 7.30 am (IST)

Mar 6th, 2009 (Friday) New Zealand vs India, 2nd ODI) Westpac Stadium, Wellington 7.30 am (IST)

Mar 8th, 2009 (Sunday) New Zealand vs India, 3rd ODI AMI Stadium, Christchurch 7.30 am (IST)

March 11th, 2009 (Wednesday) New Zealand vs India, 4th ODI Seddon Park, Hamilton 7.30 am (IST)

Mar 14th, 2009 (Saturday) New Zealand vs India, 5th ODI Eden Park, Auckland 7.30 am (IST)


Test Mar 18th-22nd, 2009 (Wed-Sun) New Zealand vs India, 1st Test Seddon Park, Hamilton 4 am (IST) Mar 26th-30th, 2009 (Thu-Mon) India vs New Zealand, 2nd Test McLean Park, Napier 4 am (IST)

Apr 3rd-7th, 2009 (Fri-Tue) India vs New Zealand, 3rd Test Westpac Stadium, Wellington 4 am (IST)

Result of Oscar Awards

February 23, 2009

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ has won seven awards including Best Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, Sound Mixing, Film Editing, Original Score,

Rahman makes India proud

Slumdog Millionaire shines at 81st Academy Awards. (Agency Photo)

Original Song and Direction.

The Indian music maestro, Rahman wooed the audience with ‘O Saya’ and ‘Jai Ho…’ the nominated songs from ‘Slumdog…’, as the nominees for Best Original Song were being announced.

Best Original Score: A R Rahman for Slumdog Millionaire . “I have nothing but my mother and she is there with me. I thank her for making me coming all this way with her blessings,” said a proud Rahman.

Best Film Editing: Chris Dickens for Slumdog Millionaire

Best Sound Mixing: Ian Tapp, Resul Pookutty for Slumdog Millionaire. “This is just not a sound award, but a history being handed over,” said Indian receiver Pookutty.

Best Cinematography: Anthony Dod Mantle for Slumdog Millionaire

Best Adapted Screenplay: Simon Beaufoy for Slumdog Millionaire. “The cast and crew of the film told me so much about India and writing,” said a proud Beaufoy.

Best Documentary Short Subject: Megan Mylan for Smile Pinki

Best Foreign Language Film: Departures (Japan)

Best Sound Editing: Richard King for The Dark Knight

Best Visual Effects: Eric Barba for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Best Documentary Feature Film: James Marsh for Man on Wire

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight . It was a special moment for actor’s family – mother Sally, father Kim and sister Kate who came to receive the trophy on Ledger’s behalf.

Best Live action short film: Jochen Alexander for Spielzeugland Toyland

Best Make-up: Greg Cannom for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Best Costume Design: Michael O’Connor for The Duchess

Best Art Direction: Donald Graham Burt for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Best Animated Short Film: Kunio Kato for La Maison En Petits Cubes

Best Animated Feature: Andrew Stanton for Wall-E

Best Original Screenplay: Dustin Lance Black for Milk

Source: The Times of India

Best Web Hosting Reviews..

February 20, 2009

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