Indian Cricket Team Moves To Second Position

February 9, 2009

The International Cricket Council today issued a correction in Test Championship table, saying the India cricket team occupies the third spot and not the second, as was announced earlier.

“A media release was sent out, stating that India had moved up to second place in the LG ICC Test Championship table with Sri Lanka third and South Africa fourth. This is not the case.

“After the completion of the South Africa v West Indies series, India moves from fourth spot to third, Sri Lanka rises from third to second,” the release said.

However, India can go up to second place if they draw the Test series against Australian 2-2, lose it 2-1, 3-1 or even 2-0.

If India loses the series 3-0 it will stay in third position and if it loses 4-0 it will fall to fifth place on the table, the new calculations said.


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