SRK’s Billu Movie Review

February 16, 2009

Billu’ is amongst Priyadarshan’s finest works. And also Irrfan and SRK’s. This tale of friendship is sure to steal your heart!

The film tells the story of a simple ordinary man, Bilas Rao Pardesi [Irrfan Khan], living in a small town with his wife Bindiya [Lara Dutta] and two kids. His life undergoes a drastic change as superstar Sahir Khan [Shah Rukh Khan] visits the village for a film shoot. Everything changes. Things go from good to bad to worse to good again.
10-minutes into the film and you get absorbed into Billu’s small world. The salon is in bad shape, the family is facing tough times, the neighbours and acquaintances are fair-weather friends… Billu’s life gets grim with each passing day.
The story takes an interesting turn when Billu’s life collides with the superstar’s. And the assorted characters — right from an aspiring poet/lyricist [Rajpal Yadav], to a stingy money lender [Om Puri], to the principal of the school [Rasika Joshi] — everyone wants favours from Billu. These characters only make ‘Billu’ more interesting.
SRK’s track is equally fascinating and only spices up the proceedings. In fact, Priyadarshan has amalgamated the three songs [featuring SRK with Deepika, Priyanka and Kareena] in the narrative smartly. Not once do you feel that you’re watching two stories concurrently.
The best part of the enterprise is its climax. The writing is brilliant and SRK only takes the scene to greater heights with his terrific portrayal.
Priyadarshan is adept at handling relationships and with ‘Billu’, he proves he can handle emotions with as much flourish as comedy. The humour here is subtle, not loud, and a constant smile remains on your face all through.

One Response to “SRK’s Billu Movie Review”

  1. sam Says:

    I think Billu was superb. Its a pity people dont appreciate good movies. violence , blood and gore seems tobe the order of the day . thi was such a good movive and SRK and Irfan were superb.

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