Lahore Terrorist suspect photo released

March 5, 2009

The sketches, prepared from the descriptions provided by witnesses, depicted four young men. One was clean shaven while three others had mustaches and a slight beard or stubble. The sketches were released by the police in Lahore a day after the brazen attack on the Lankan team’s bus killed eight persons and injured 20 others, including seven players and a coach. Officials said the attack was carried out by a dozen heavily armed terrorists. Police have detained about 50 suspects but have been unable to make any breakthrough in their investigation. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. Television channels also aired footage from closed circuit cameras that showed at least five of the attackers calmly leaving the area near the Liberty Traffic roundabout, where the terrorists attacked the cricket team’s bus and its police escort. In one clip, a youth on a motorcycle is shown riding into a market near the roundabout, where most of the shops are closed. Two terrorists brandishing guns soon joined the youth and all three drove away from the market on the motorcycle. The second clip showed three more terrorists carrying assault rifles and backpacks calmly walking down the road in the same market.


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