Students in IIM grab Job In This Global Meltdown

March 11, 2009

IIM are relieved that all our students were able to land jobs despite tough market conditions and the fear that the global meltdown would affect it adversely,” IIM-B director Pankaj Chandra told reporters here Tuesday. Of the 249 grads, seven opted out of the placement process, which concluded Monday, for pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. About 20 percent of the graduating batch are women – the highest figure across the state-run IIMs in the country. Unlike in the boom times, the recruitment process began on a sedate note when only 64 grads were hired on the first day, Feb 27, termed as slot zero, as against 133 in 2008. About 40 percent of women grads were placed in slot zero. Of the remaining 178 grads, 98 got offers on the second day (‘slot one’) and the balance 80 on the second day and third day (‘slots two and three’) spread over nine days. In all, 97 overseas and Indian firms, including seven state-run public sector enterprises (PSEs) came calling to offer placements as against 64 companies in 2008. Among the PSEs were GAIL, HPCL, BPCL and SEBI. “We had more companies this time due to less offers from regular firms. In the absence of some reputed international firms like Lehman Brothers and others, we not only invited more companies for placements, but also extended the recruitment process by a week,” IIM-B faculty member (placement) Sourav Mukherji admitted.


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