Watchmen Movie review..

March 15, 2009

The movie Watchmen is more excited movie for the youngesters. Nixon is running for his third term (!), war is about to break out with the Russians and superheroes have become outcasts in a world so complicated even THEY can’t get enthusiastic about saving it. When one of them, a former member of the Watchmen named The Comedian, is sent hurtling to his death by an unknown intruder in his apartment, it brings his former associates, forced into retirement, back together (sort of) to help solve this geek-laden whodunit. Among them are Rorschach, a sociopath whose face is concealed by a mask that changes patterns with his moods (hence the name); Dan, a gadget nerd who used to soar as Nite Owl but now is rendered impotent in every way imaginable; Adrian who lives off merchandising his glory days as “genius” Oxymandias; Laurie, aka Silk Spectre II, still living in the shadow of her faded superhero mom, the aging Sally, aka the original Silk Spectre; and above all else, Jon Osterman who, as the result of a government accident, has morphed into the physically imposing, almost always naked and very blue demigod named Dr. Manhattan. He eventually leads a life in exile on Mars.


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