Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Review..

April 2, 2009

This is Rowling Next creative which is Harry Potter’s ” Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince” . None of Rowling’s strengths from the previous novels have dissipated; she never has a problem keeping the pages turning, and the Harry Potter universe is wonderfully created. Her weaknesses have not deserted her either. There are passages that cry out for an editor, and whenever there is any romance or angst, the characters stiffen. What romance there is seems arbitrary and has little actual consequence. Ron and Hermione are mad at each other for over half the novel, and Harry has a theory that Ron and Hermione both think is wacky, but it seems that Harry has decided to ignore Ron and Hermione’s enmity, and Ron and Hermione have decided to ignore Harry’s theory. There’s never any real attempt at resolving these problems by interaction, and what is resolved is simply forgotten the next time one of them is in danger, as in previous novels.


This part also will attract the Youngesters very much and will play a leading role in breaking the previous record.However, there is one thing that Rowling has gained in this novel, and that is theme. In past novels many of the events have seemed somewhat inconsequential. When Harry broke the rules, he invariably ended up with a slap on the wrist or a pat on the back for some later heroism. In later novels, there began to be unpleasant consequences, and the death of Sirius was a signal that there would be no more playing around.

A grim tone does not ensure the development of theme, but this novel has it, and even though at times it all seems a bit obvious, Rowling’s message ultimately does not ring false. The message of the series is stronger than at any previous point. The theme is, to put it simply, the power of love. That is the power that Voldemort “knows not,” and it is made clear that Harry’s ability to love is the only advantage he can expect to have over Voldemort. In a series of conversations and interactions between Harry and Dumbledore, this becomes apparent, and Rowling is skillful in showing the power that she feels love to hold, even when in loving someone you cause the


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