About SWINE FLU and Safety Measures.

May 1, 2009

AUSTRALIA – Pandemic plans in full swing. Govt approves tough new powers to detain and disinfect people suspected of carrying swine flu. All incoming flights have to declare suspected flu cases on arrival, make inflight announcements. International passengers have to fill in health declaration card. Govt runs ads in media, sets up hotline. Deploys thermal scanners to 8 international airports – Enough anti-viral drugs stockpiled to cover around 41 percent of 21 million population. Australia has stockpiled 8.7 million doses of Tamiflu and Relenza drugs. Stockpile of 50 million surgical masks. SOUTH KOREA – Recommends nationals staying in Mexico to leave unless on urgent business. Agriculture Ministry suspends imports of live pigs from North America. Running round-the-clock emergency quarantine centre. – Tamiflu stockpile for 2.5 million people and is working to increase that to 10 percent of population of about 49 million. HONG KONG – Will shut schools if one or more confirmed cases found at schools and if a sign disease is spreading. – Media say authorities have 20 million doses of Tamiflu and other anti-flu drugs. Steps up screening at all entry points. VIETNAM – Visitors arriving from the swine flu infected countries to be isolated. Nationals advised not to visit zones reported with the disease. – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest city of more than 8 million people, has stocks of Tamiflu enough for 1 million people. SINGAPORE – People who have visited Mexico in the past seven days to be quarantined at home for seven days and undergo “phone surveillance” for flu symptoms. – Thermal scanners at airport and isolation units at hospitals, where staff at some emergency departments are wearing full protective clothing. JAPAN – Govt has about 33.8 million people’s worth of Tamiflu stockpiled. In addition, 8.3 million people’s worth of Tamiflu is expected to be purchased soon. About 2.68 million people worth of Relenza stockpiled by the central govt. Japan’s population estimated to be around 128 million people. – Military doctors, nurses posted to Narita Airport to help check passengers from Mexico, Canada and the United States. Japan began on Thursday a blanket inspection of imported pigs. In 2008, Japan imported about 420 pigs. No pigs have been imported from Mexico in the last decade. NEW ZEALAND * – Health Ministry to boost national stockpile of anti-viral drugs by 10 percent to nearly 1.4 million doses, which will give cover to just under one-third of the population. Raised the level of its national pandemic plan and screening all flights from North America. TAIWAN – Current supplies of swine flu treatment to cover 10 percent of Taiwan’s 23 million population. More than one million facemasks for emergency use. MALAYSIA – Tamiflu stockpile covering more than 2 million of the 27-million strong population. * – Health department officials screening travellers entering through Thailand-Malaysia border and airports screening passengers, especially those on flights from affected countries THAILAND – Government has 320,000 sets of Tamiflu stockpiled. GPO, state-owned drug maker, can produce one million capsules of generic Tamiflu if needed. Thailand has a population of about 65 million. – Temperature screening checkpoints at international airports in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket.


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