Prabhakaran Still ALIVE!!!!!!!!

May 21, 2009



10 Responses to “Prabhakaran Still ALIVE!!!!!!!!”

  1. mayil Says:

    From this news we are getting hope 100%”God always with True and dedicated person” Thanks to nakeran to puplishing this news

  2. sana Says:

    please click following link to see original picture of above picture

  3. xbrain Says:

    this shit is fake….biachhhhhhhhh

  4. ANGU Says:


  5. Balaji Says:

    Hmm this is mainly photshop work..To more about this take a look at this link

  6. na bil Says:

    fuck u son of bicth………………

  7. na bil Says:

    tigers still alive.

  8. na bil Says:

    fuck all your mother fuckers sinhalese

  9. Chandran Says:

    hey… How nice U create 4 da relife of UR mind….!
    He already Dead & surely with devils.
    pist off……………!

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