Else, there is nothing more to look out for other than chases, fisticuffs and some romance. ‘Ayan’ has a highly predictable start, middle and climax as far as the storyline, screenplay and dialogues are concerned. Ayan is average film. It could have been much better if director had put some serious effort in creating a heartwarming story, than concentrating too much on how criminals carry out drug trafficking.

The problem is, Ayan won’t touch your heart. Everything else is good. The story itself is not so catchy. It loses pace when songs arrive. The songs incorporated make the film drag from the main story. Even though there were fans for the music done by Harris Jayaraj, the visualization and narration of film was not good enough.

The script is not tight. In Ayan Surya is an international smuggler working under Prabhu. The good thing is that it wasn’t soo cinematic. In the second part he works for the law. The scene in which Surya is introduced starts with a poor surprise. The male protagonist Deva (Surya) works as a courier for a north Chennai-based smuggler Das (Prabhu). A friend’s sister played by Tamanna is the hero’s love-interest and she brings relief from the violence through her song and dance sequences.


Watchmen Movie review..

March 15, 2009

The movie Watchmen is more excited movie for the youngesters. Nixon is running for his third term (!), war is about to break out with the Russians and superheroes have become outcasts in a world so complicated even THEY can’t get enthusiastic about saving it. When one of them, a former member of the Watchmen named The Comedian, is sent hurtling to his death by an unknown intruder in his apartment, it brings his former associates, forced into retirement, back together (sort of) to help solve this geek-laden whodunit. Among them are Rorschach, a sociopath whose face is concealed by a mask that changes patterns with his moods (hence the name); Dan, a gadget nerd who used to soar as Nite Owl but now is rendered impotent in every way imaginable; Adrian who lives off merchandising his glory days as “genius” Oxymandias; Laurie, aka Silk Spectre II, still living in the shadow of her faded superhero mom, the aging Sally, aka the original Silk Spectre; and above all else, Jon Osterman who, as the result of a government accident, has morphed into the physically imposing, almost always naked and very blue demigod named Dr. Manhattan. He eventually leads a life in exile on Mars.

13B movie review..

March 5, 2009

This movie is one of the Special thing for maddy as he doing a Thiller movie for the first time. Madhavan, in Bollywood, is a name that brings a smile on every girl’s face. But this fortune has never been translated into solid Box Office draw. Come March 6, and Maddy would descent on the B’wood screens with the poltergeist-thriller, ’13 B’. In an unprecedented genre hop, Maddy the lover boy would bring a devilish tweak to his adorable smile, and most probably, would sport a hidden canine. Maddy tried most of the thrilled sequece in this movie. This movie also gets remake in tamil version.

Slumdog Millonaire Review

January 22, 2009

Hope within squalor, humour within violence – they’re all thematic trademarks of the British director of druggie drama ‘Trainspotting’ and zombie saga ’28 Days Later’. This time, Boyle takes his wildly high-energy visual aesthetic and applies it to a story that, at its core, is rather sweet and traditionally crowd-pleasing.
Unassuming Dev Patel stars as slumdog underdog Jamal, an 18-year-old who comes from nothing but is on the verge of winning more money than anyone has ever won before on the Indian version of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’. The game show’s host (ideally smarmy and egotistical Anil Kapoor) grows unshakably suspicious as Jamal prepares to face one last question for the top prize of 20 million rupees and has him hauled in for police questioning (by ever-imposing Irrfan Khan).
Simon Beaufoy’s complex script, based loosely on Vikas Swarup’s novel ‘Q&A’, glides effortlessly among Jamal’s interrogation, his unlikely success in the television hot seat and his rough-and-tumble upbringing that provided the life lessons serving him so well now.