The Changeling star won 58 per cent of the votes in an online poll conducted by Vanity Fair magazine.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen – who wed American football star Tom Brady in February – came a distant second with only nine per cent.

Four per cent of respondents chose Gothika star Halle Berry, handing her third place.

The survey asked women to choose the most attractive lady from a list of 19 famous women, including singer Beyonce Knowles, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, model Bar Refaeli, Queen Rania of Jordan and Carla Bruni – the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

On its website, Vanity Fair said: “Of the billions of women on this planet, only 19, we believe, could start wars.

“These modern-day Helens of Troy come from both hemispheres and include legends and ingenues, a queen, a First Lady and at least two bedmates of Leonardo DiCaprio.”

DiCaprio previously dated Gisele and is currently in a relationship with Israeli supermodel Bar.

It’s not the first time Angelina – who raises six children with her long-term partner Brad Pitt – has won a title of this kind.

Last month, she topped a list of the world’s most beautiful people compiled by Who magazine.

Kate Winslet came second in the antipodean survey.

Who is the World’s Most Beautiful Woman? Conducted by Vanity Fair:

1) Angelina Jolie 58 per cent

2) Gisele Bundchen 9 per cent

3) Halle Berry 4 per cent

4) Penelope Cruz 3 per cent

4) Scarlett Johansson 3 per cent

4) Jennifer Connelly 3 per cent

4) Queen Rania of Jordan 3 per cent

4) Bar Refaeli 3 per cent

5) Catherine Deneuve 2 per cent

5) Freida Pinto 2 per cent

5) Natalia Vodianova 2 per cent

5) Ziyi Zhang 2 per cent

5) Beyonce Knowles 2 per cent

5) Cate Blanchett 2 per cent

6) Elle MacPherson 1 per cent

6) Kate Moss 1 per cent

6) Gwyneth Paltrow 1 per cent

6) Kerry Washington 1 per cent

6) Carla Bruni 1 per cent


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Indian Premier League Season 2 is beginning today with the first match being played between master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s Mumbai Indians and Indian skipper Mahandra Singh Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings. Australia fast bowler Shaun Tait will be missing from Shane Warne’s defending champion Rajasthan Royals when the IPL. IPL todays match will be the two indian javans Dhoni and Sachin.

It will be a new rules for Each and every team Caption where they can be put penaltiy for any mis obidence or late order. This is the Updated Schedule for IPL.

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The next fim of Ajit after a long period is “ASAL” .In this film Ajit will play a double role again in ‘Asal’–one a ruthless don and the other, a sincere police officer out to catch him red-handed, say rumour mills. The suspense of the film centres on who the ‘asal’ (real) cop is, they say.
The pooja of the film, being produced by Sivaji Productions, was held last week. As with any Ajit movie, rumours about the storyline and his character are spreading like wildfire in Kollywood.
Ajit, after the flop of his much hyped ‘Aegan’, has been very careful about evry stap he takes. ‘Asal’ is being directed by Saran, who directed him in another double role for ‘Attagasam’.
Ajit’s big mustachioed get up for the film has already become a talking point for his fans. Sameera Reddy plays one of the heroines and a hunt is on for the other. Bharadwaj scores the music for the film.

The tagline of “Fast & Furious” promises “New Model. Original Parts.” Well, yes and no. “Parts” is a remarkably apt way to describe the people of the movie, a crew of affectless hard bodies reunited from the 2001 B-movie sensation The Fast And The Furious.

by Vin Diesel, an inexpressive chunk of man whose actorly range is largely restricted to the occasional furrowing of a brow, the cast is slotted into a narrative involving revenge against a Mexican drug cartel, outlandish vehicular mayhem, flaunting of custom bodywork (both automotive and anatomical) and settings that encourage people to wear tank tops. As for the newness of the model, the script (by Chris Morgan) is primitive at best, while the direction (by Justin Lin) is more or less functional. Less, in fact, would have been more: “Fast & Furious” could stand to lose 20 minutes to suit its truncated title. This inoffensive if uninspired example of presummer pop diversion will be best appreciated by future audiences flabbergasted by its unabashed revelry in fossil-fuel consumption.

“Fast & Furious” is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned) for outrageous moving violations and tough-guy talk. FAST & FURIOUS Directed by Justin Linn; written by Chris Morgan, based on characters created by Gary Scott Thompson; director of photography, Amir Mokri; edited by Christian Wagner and Fred Raskin; music by Brian Tyler; production designer,Ida Random; produced by Neal H. Moritz, Michael Fottrell and Vin Diesel; released by Universal Pictures. Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes.

India finally wins a History victory against New zeland where rain resistance led by centurion Ross Taylor prevented India from gaining a point and keeping up the pressure on South Africa, the side directly above it in the Test Championship table.

The eighth-placed Kiwis, in fact, ended up gaining a point for managing two draws.
When rain forced the players off the field 20 minutes after lunch in the third and last Test in Wellington, New Zealand had its back against the wall struggling at 281/8 after India had set the home team an unlikely target of 617 runs to win.
If India could have forced a win it would have given it a 2-0 series triumph and helped it retain its pre-series 118 ratings points, just one behind the second-placed Proteas, and 10 behind leaders Australia.
But a draw meant Dhoni’s men had to be content with 117 points, two away from South Africa and 11 adrift of Australia.
India had entered the series knowing it had to win all the three Tests to gain the one point which would have put it level with South Africa on 119 ratings points but behind Graeme Smith’s side by a fraction of a point.
However, it squandered that opportunity when it dug in deep in Napier to force a draw after it had been forced to follow on.
India had started the series with a difference of 37 ratings points relative to eighth-placed New Zealand and this gap meant it was expected to win the series convincingly.