About Iphone 3G S..

June 20, 2009

Apple has added some nice features to the iPhone with its latest hardware and software upgrade, but it could and should have done more.

Since launching the iPhone, Apple has been the pacesetter for the industry for interface, design and attracting outside developers. The updates will make the phone even more compelling for consumers and programmers.

The new iPhone 3G S is faster than previous models and, unlike them, can shoot and edit video. Meanwhile, its new software, iPhone OS 3.0, which comes pre-installed on the 3G S and can be downloaded for earlier models, brings long-awaited features such as copy-and-paste and cool surprises such as peer-to-peer networking.

But the iPhone is still missing one key feature: the ability to run multiple programs at once. And in terms of user interface — the way a consumer interacts with a device — the iPhone has surrendered the lead to Palm’s new Pre.

If you’re shopping for a new smart-phone, you should strongly consider both the 3G S and the Pre. If you’ve already got the iPhone 3G, it’s debatable whether the 3G S is worth the cost of the new phone or the extension of your contract with AT&T for another two years.

Compared with my iPhone 3G, the 3G S loads programs, shoots pictures and displays text I’ve typed considerably faster. I started up a music game, Leaf Trombone, on both devices at the same time. I could start playing on the 3G S while the 3G was still loading


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